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Preparing Hairstyle Inspiration For The Bridal Trial

Here are some tips to gather all of your wedding hair inspiration for your bridal hair trial, to explain the overall feel you wish to create from textures you love, features you wish enhance or make the illusion of smaller, to the level of volume to be added.

STEP ONE - Whats The Overall Feel of the Bridal Hairstyle?

Start by thinking the overall feel you are wanting for your bridal hairstyle to work with your wedding theme;

- Glam Hair is full of volume and high shine by Israeli hairstylist Dvir.

To polished glossy blow dries and wavy ponytails.

- Bohemian Bridal Hair is perfected by Brisbane Hairstylist Jody Callan.

- Effortless Minimal Bridal Hair is Justine's signature style.

- Natural Textured Hair is featured a lot by Australian Hair and Makeup Artist Emma Chen.

- Smooth and Structured Hair inspired by hairstylist Vera.

Clean Textured Updos like hairstyles by Russian Hairstylist Tonya.

Whimsical Texture like the hairstyles created by Ulyana Aster.

From what you have decided on your feel of the hairstyle, this will help guide you on categories to search for hairstyle options.

STEP TWO - Hairstyle Elements to Consider From The Back The Hairstyle

You will notice when you start looking for reference images for your wedding hair, they will be a large number of hairstyles from the back view only. Think about what you would like to see from the back. examples below are:

- Low Ponytails can be sleek or textured like this one from Melbourne hairstylist Shauna Elizabeth.

- High Ponytails are also extremely popular with added volume.

- Low Buns are a highly requested look from brides and can be smooth textured like below from Cara Clyne.

- High Buns and Topknots are perfect for brides who wear their hair like this on a day to day basis, but a professional stylist knows how to make it uber cool and voluminous like Sydney hairstylist Natalie Anne.

- Polished Waves are a timeless look and are beautiful in thick shiny hair like these waves by Cara Clyne.

- Textured Waves are highly requested now for that minimal beauty bridal look and Emma Chen is well known for creating this texture.

- Half up, Half Down hairstyles are perfect for brides who are used to having their hair down but want it out of their face on their wedding day like this one from hairstylist Kasia.

- Twists work beautifully to secure hair for half-up styles like this one from Kim Annesley.

- Braids are a simple way to add in texture and interesting detail for boho hairstyles like this one from Emma Chen.

From what you have decided on what you would like to see from the back of the hairstyle, this will help guide you on categories to search for hairstyle options. Don't just limit yourself to one style option, have at least 2-3 so you can discuss with your hairstylist what will work best for your hair, gown, overall style feel and collaborate together to design the perfect hairstyle for your style vision.

STEP THREE - Hairstyle Elements To Consider From The Front Of The Hairstyle

The most important part of your hairstyle will be the front, as it's what you will see framing your face in the mirror to make you feel the most beautiful version of you.

Start asking yourself questions like;

- Do I want my hair clean off my face (It annoys me when it touches my face)?

- Do I want my hair parted in the middle or on the side?

- How much volume do I like to see?

- Do I want face framing shorter pieces around the front for softness and how much curl or bend in them?

- Do I want to cover the tops of my ears?

- Do I want to have a swept side fringe over my forehead for softness?

- Do I want volume in my fringe for height?

- Do I want to have my hair pulled straight back off my face with volume?

- Do I want to see texture and movement?

- Do I want to have a sleek structured look?

Once you have worked out some guiding factors on what you wish to see from the front, then you can start saving hair references that describe what you like. Most of the time brides only bring images of what they like from the back. Having references from the front helps your hairstylist understand what you like and don't like to see in the mirror.

STEP 4 - Sources Of Images For Wedding Hair

The Hairstylist you have booked

You will want to start by looking at the hairstylist's instagram account or website first and save images you like. The reason for this is they understand the techniques to create the hairstyle as its one they have replicated often and can advise on what's required for the style to work in your hair.

Instagram Accounts You Follow For Great Hair

- Start saving hairstyles on your favourite instagram accounts you love for bridal hair inspiration. If you are having trouble finding styles you love easily, I have created a blog post on my favourite accounts that I draw inspiration from here.

Popular Instagram Hashtags

- Another way is to follow hashtags on instagram to source bridal hair inspiration. This process can be more time consuming as you will be shown a lot of styles that don't fit your style vision. Some popular ones to follow are;


Pinterest boards are a great way to store all your wedding inspiration in seperate boards. Simply create a board for "BRIDAL HAIR' and start adding in hairstyles that work for your style vision by typing in the search field options like

- Hollywood Waves

- Beach Wavy Hair

- Low Bun Wedding Hair

- Bridal Ponytail

- Braided Wedding Hair

I have also created some boards of my own to help for wedding hair inspiration, you can view the boards here.

STEP 5 - Saving Bridal Hairstyle Inspo Into A Folder

Saving Images On Instagram

On an image you love tap on the icon below (circled in pink)

Once it has been saved, the icon will turn to black and its in your 'all saved items'

To access these;

1. Click on your profile image icon at the bottom right of the page

2. Click on the three horizontal lines icon in the top right of the page

3. then click on the saved icon.

To Create A Bridal Hair Inspo Folder

  1. Click on the + sign in the top right hand corner of the page

  2. Create a name for the folder 'Bridal Hair'

  3. Click next

  4. Select the images you wish to add to the folder

  5. Click done.

  6. To add additional images click on the folder

  7. Click on the three dot icon in the top right hand corner of the page

  8. Click 'add to collection'

  9. Select the new images you wish to select

  10. Click done.

Now you have all images you see throughout the wedding planning journey from Instagram in the one place.

Saving Images On Pinterest

The other great source for finding reference images is Pinterest and you can create boards for all aspects of your wedding inspo as well.

For Pinterest it is best to start by creating a folder first

  1. Log into your account to be on your profile

  2. On your profile page click the plus button

  3. And select 'create a board'

  4. Create a name for the board eg 'Bridal Hair Inspo'

  5. You can select if you want the board to be private or visible to all.

  6. Click create.

  7. It will automatically bring up images that the platform thinks work with your board title.

  8. To add any of the images to your board simply click on the red 'save' icon

  9. Once you have finished adding in from this area click done.

  10. Then you can start getting more specific with your search terms from above to save more that are relevant for your style vision.

  11. Just make sure its always saving to the correct folder.

Happy Pinning!

STEP 6 - Review both folders on social media platforms

When it gets closer to sending your reference images to your hairstylist or close to the hair trial date, go back into the folders and review the images.

What images stand out the most to you?

What images give you the best feeling of beauty?

What images have exactly what you want as an element?

Remember more than like there isn't going to be one image that best suits everything (especially if its only from the back). So you will need multiple images to describe the elements you like to design a hairstyle together with your hairstylist that is unique to you.

Example: Images to consider for a Ponytail hairstyle may be;

1. Position - On the nape, above the hairline, centre back, on the crown, or above the crown (visible from the front)

2. The Texture - straight and sleek, straight with volume, natural curls, beach textured waves, glossy glam waves, volume at the base, volume throughout the base and mid-lengths (extensions might be added)

3. Crown area - no volume super sleek, slight volume, lots of volume, texture and movement added.

4. Side View - smooth and shiny, smooth and dry, volume, no volume, textured, twist or braid added, are there small pieces of hair hanging out for softness, are those bits curled or just a slight bend

5. Front View - Parting (centre, off-centre, side part), straight back sleek - no volume, straight back smooth volume, straight back with volume and texture, softness with wispy pieces, fuller fringe piece out, just face framing pieces around the ear, smooth off the face with parting, side sweet fringe, height in the fringe area.

STEP 7: Create A Mood Board On Canva

Once you have worked out the images that best describe the elements you would like for each of your main style visions, the best practice to be super organised is to create a mood board with the images and text to go with them.

Here is an example I created for a low ponytail.

Bridal Ponytail - Low Ponytail for Wedding Hair - Mood Board
All images sourced in Pinterest as a reference

You could also send these mood boards to your hairstylist ahead of time, with images of your hair so they can advise if you will need hair extensions for the trial, or if they have some that you can hire for the day.


Photographer: @blushpink_photoandfilm Assistant: @morgan.e.wood Dresses from: @rachelgilbertbridal Model: @katieleeoconnor Makeup Artist: @emilyfaussetmakeup Hairstylist: @jodiedaybridalhairstylist


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