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How To Select A Bridal Hairstylist

It can be overwhelming when looking for a hairstylist for your wedding as there are many to select from. Below are some helpful tips when selecting the right hairstylist to bring your style vision to life.

How To Select A Bridal Hairstylist - Sydney Wedding Hairdresser - Jodie Day

Does the hairstylist's work inspire you for your dream hairstyle?

Start by reviewing the stylists work on their website and social media accounts to see if their signature style is similar to your dream wedding hair inspiration.

A hairstylist who has created hairstyles that reference your dream hair will understand the correct products to prep the hair, creating the desired texture and techniques required to achieve the hairstyle's overall shape.

The bonus of sourcing stylists work for inspiration means they can replicate the hairstyles with ease and provide professional advice on what's required to achieve the hairstyle, e.g. length, hair extensions, face-framing layers etc.

P.S Don't forget to save the hairstyle references for the trial.

Read over the past client testimonials

A great way to review the hairstylist's professionalism is to read the client testimonials on their website or social media accounts. Areas to look for the experience clients had at the trial on the wedding day are; 1. Did the hairstylist listen to what the bride wanted to achieve with the hairstyles on the day? 2. Could the hairstylist work to everyone's requests? 3. Was the hairstylist punctual and reliable for the services? 4. Did the hairstylist work efficiently to the schedule to finish on time? 5. Was the hairstylist relaxed and have a calm under pressure on the wedding day? 6. Were they friendly, easy to get along with, and made everyone feel comfortable? 7. How did the hairstyles last throughout the day? 8. Did the hairstylist provide helpful information or go above exceptions on the day.

Check out my past client testimonials here.

Get referrals from friends and family

Another great way to select a wedding hairstylist is referrals from past brides in your circle of friends or relatives. Your close network can provide you with honest reviews of their experiences with their wedding vendors to help you along your process.

A good question to ask yourself is; What wedding did I attend where I loved the bride's hair? This hairstylist might also be the right selection for you as the style fits your vision, you saw how it lasted all day, and you viewed how overall style vision of the bride and hairstylist came to life.

Does the hairstylist provide professional advice?

For your wedding planning journey, you want a hairstylist who not only has experience in the industry but most importantly, one who listens to your style vision. You don't want someone who is only going to force their opinion onto you.

It should be a collaborative process in designing the best hairstyle for your overall style vision, including;

  • A hairstyle that showcases the dress features,

  • A style that completes the wedding theme,

  • An understanding of the desired hair texture of the style vision,

  • Skills to create a hairstyle that flatters facial features,

  • A hairstyle that cohesively works with the makeup design.

Another point to consider is, does the hairstylist provide expert advice to you throughout the planning process?

This information could be in blog articles, e-Books, emails or captions on social media posts with tips and tricks to help you through the planning process including hair cutting, hair colouring, accessory options, hair health and many more.

Does the hairstylist travel to your location?

Some hairstylists may only travel a certain distance from their home, so you will need to confirm that they will travel to your wedding location destination.

Suppose you are planning a wedding on an exotic island, a summery beach escape, a relaxed country retreat, a historic highlands manor or a picturesque vineyard. It is best to go for a hairstylist who frequently travels for wedding clients.

Destination wedding specialists understand the travel logistics, the climates in the area for elements control for hairstyles, and possibly have a great network of other vendors in the community.

The other option is to select a hairstylist that is from the local area. If you're after a calm and relaxed morning of preparation, you will aim to choose a professional who will travel to your location. The last thing you want is to moving back and forth from the salon.

Do you have a budget you need to stick to for the beauty team?

The big day celebrations your love for one another is priceless, but financial constraints can play a major role in choosing a bridal hairstylist for your wedding.

If you have a capped budget for the beauty teams due to constraints from major vendors, then you will have to reject quotes from hairstylists whom exceed your budget.

Some hairstylists will display their prices on their website for ease of the selcting process, while others keep it a mystery until the initial email enquiry.


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