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Mix + Match Hair Pins for your Personality 

Shop Jodie's Favourite Bridal Hair Pins

Pearls, the classic timeless jewellery

Bridal Hair Clips - Wedding Hair Accessories - Pearl Hair Clips - JODIE DAY.jpeg

Bridesmaids Gifts

The hair clips are the perfect gifts for your bridesmaids to slide into their hairstyles on the wedding day.

For bridal parties that are having different hairstyles, add in a hair pin to create uniformity between the individual looks.


Brides that aren't keen on wearing a traditional veil, a decorative hair clip is a modern accessory to add to a upstyle, half up hairstyle or waves.

Most requested pearl hair pins

Bridal Hair Accessories - Wedding Hair Pins Australia - JODIE DAY.png
Pearl Hair Pins - Bridal Hair Accessories Australia.png

Simple Modern Hair Accessories

The simplicity of the hair jewellery design provides a modern effortless look to a variety of bridal hairstyles. 


Mix and match the luminous pearl and sparkly rhinestone hair pins to create a unique look that elevates your style vision for the day. 


Get creative by adding hair jewellery of bridal hair pins to boho braids, smooth Hollywood waves, messy topknots, bouncy ponytails, and modern low bun hairstyles. 

These timeless hair pins can be used for any event unlike the traditional style of wedding hair accessories.

Rhinestone Hair Clips  - Hair Pins Australia - JODIE DAY.jpg

The Glitz and Glam of Rhinestones

Popular crystal jewel hair accessories

Beau Mane - Bridal Hair Accessories - Hair Clips Australia - Bridal Hairstylist - Jodie Da


The Flower Girl Hair Pin

An adorable petite hair accessory for flower girls to keep their hair out of their face.

Pearl Snap Clip - Bridal hair Accessory - JODIE DAY.jpeg


The Pearl Snap Hair Clip

Perfect staple accessory for your wardrobe to add in your hair from casual to chic.

Beau Mane Hair Clips - Bridal hair Accessories - Jodie Day.jpeg


Star Hair Pin Collection

An assortment of sparkly star hair pins to add to bridal buns, braids and ponytails. 

Bridal Hair Clips - Wedding Hair Accessories - Beau Mane - Jodie Day.jpeg
Hair Clip Hairstyles - Bridal Accessorys - JODIE DAY.png

How to wear hair pins 


Hair Down - Straight, Waves & Curls

Keep hair out of face by adding a hair pin to either side of a middle part hairstyle. For side part hairstyles keep hair tucked behind one ear with a decorative pin.

Growing out a fringe? We all hate that in-between hair stage. Use a hair clip to pin those shorter strand back.​


Buns + Topknots  - Smooth & Textured 

Use hair clips to secure shorter hair strands that don’t reach your topknot or high bun hairstyles to make your hairstyle look polished. 

For hair that is darker in tone, adding hair accessories to a hairstyle can show off the hairs texture.


Ponytails  - Low & High

Keep shorter face framing layers in place by stacking hair clips on the side of a ponytail hairstyle or add a single pearl pin above the base of a ponytail. If you don’t have your ears pierced, hair accessories are a great alternative to traditional jewellery pieces.​​​


Half Up, Half-Down Hairstyles  - Low & High

For brides that aren't keen on wearing a traditional veil, a decorative hair clip is a modern accessory. Secure a half-up, half-down hairstyle with a beautiful pearl or rhinestone hair pin that elevates your style vision.

Bridal Hair Clips - Beau Mane - Bridal Hair Accessories - Wedding Hair Accessories - JODIE
Wedding Hair Pins - Hair Clip Hairstyles - JODIE DAY.png
View the gallery and be inspired to create hair clip hairstyle for your next event.

Popular Hair Slide for Hollywood Waves

All things Hair Accessories

View the latest hair accessory trends and how to wear hair in wedding hairstyles or for special events. 

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