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Different Types Of Wedding Hair Accessories

With bridal hair accessories, there are no rules if brides need to wear or not. The most crucial factor is that an accessory works with your individual style. Wedding hair accessories can be great for brides who don't like to wear jewellery or enhance the style without wearing a veil.

There are various styles to select from, here are the different types and how to wear them in your bridal hairstyle.

Bridal Tiara and Crowns

A tiara makes the perfect accessory for a fairytale wedding as they are well known to worn by queens and princesses.

They are a versatile headpiece in various shapes and sizes and can work with many wedding hairstyles.

There are many jewelled classic styles for the more traditional bride, and beautiful minimal crowns for the contemporary or bohemian bride.

Bobby pins placed on the ends of the tiara or crown secure them to the hairstyle.

Bridal Headband and Crown Style Headband

Bridal headbands can be a soft material base or a metal band of silver or gold. They are becoming very popular to enhance wavy down hairstyles, ponytails or a sleek updo.

They don't need pinning as they follow the shape of your head to behind the ears, making them the perfect accessory to keep hair off the face. They can be very minimalistic or very ornate with embellishments of crystals, pearls and flowers.

Wedding Hair Combs

Bridal hair combs are versatile with their placement in hairstyles but work best in up-styles like a bridal bun or a half-up half-down hairstyle as they need to slide into a hairstyle that has support.

They come in various styles to suit your style theme like minimal, classic, boho, garden and embellished with flowers, pearls, rhinestones and metals to enhance your style vision vibe.

The combs work well with veils as you can place slightly above the veil to showcase the beautiful detailing.

They come in various sizes to use for different placements in the hairstyle to create a look that shows your personality and can be moulded into different shapes.

Bridal Hair Vines

Bridal hair vines are delicate and fine in texture, making them perfect for weaving between cascading braids, using a flatter headpiece for crown braids, or decorating a half-up hairstyle.

Bridal vines come in a range of materials, of pearls, crystals, flowers and leaves.

Bridal Hair Clips & Barrettes

A fun and stylish way to keep your hair off your face is to add some decorative bobby pins or hair clips that work with your wedding gown.

They work well to keep your hair behind one ear for glamour Hollywood waves or middle-parted hair down they are perfect either side to keep hair smooth and sleek. They add detailing to ponytails or bridal buns on the side or securing half-up half-down hairstyles while making the hairstyle pretty.

For bobby pins with embellishments on one end only like single pearls or stars, they look fantastic placed throughout boho braids or textured updos.

Bridal Pins

Bridal hair pins are long 'u' shaped fine pins that are flexible enough to place throughout a hairstyle for a more understated look. They are best for wedding up-styles as the decorative pins of crystals and pearls can complement the look without over-accessorising.

Wedding Hair Bows and Scarves

White hair bows of lace, velvet or satin ribbon have become popular lately for an understated look and work beautifully in ponytails, half-up hairstyles and topknot hairstyles. Long white hair scarves are popular for bridesmaids hair for a playful casual vibe.


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