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Different Types And Lengths of Bridal Veils

There are a few points to consider when selecting the perfect wedding veil to complete your dream style vision, from the look and feel to the variety of shapes and lengths to choose from.

To help you select the perfect veil, here are some points and styles to consider to help bring your dream wedding style vision to life.

Know Your Budget

Like gowns, veils can range significantly in price due to the material used and elaborate embellishments, so having an idea of what you can spend will help you narrow down your veil options.

Your Wedding Gown

The veil should work proportionally with your dress that balances out the overall vibe.

  • For princess full-skirted gowns a finger length or below the hip length will continue the drama and show off the waistline's shape.

  • Slim fitting dresses look beautiful with longer style veils.

  • You can mix textures of lace or embellishments to add dimension and originality for elegant, clean and structured gowns.

  • A narrower style veil will show the width and flare at the dress's bottom half for mermaid-style gowns.

  • For gowns with lots of embellishments and detailing try opting for a simple, clean veil, so the focus is on the dress.

Your Wedding Venue

Ask yourself, does the veil style work with the wedding location without any worries, such as a beach wedding with a cathedral style gown getting caught in the sand?

Your Traditions?

Are you selecting a veil for a traditional feel, is it to cover the shoulders or reveal your face at the ceremony? The style and length may be a factor to consider.

Your Bridal Hairstyle?

  • The longer and heavier your veil, the more support it will need to anchor to your hairstyle. For example, hair down may require to be half-up hairstyle or a bridal bun.

  • The positioning of your bridal hairstyle may affect your veil placement, which can then alter the length of the veil once placed into the hairstyle.

  • If you wish to cover your face during the ceremony, your veil's placement may need to sit closer to the crown or above. You will need to discuss this with your hairstylist if this works with the hairstyle selection.

Below are the different styles and lengths of veils.


The birdcage veil has a vintage-style vibe and in the past was worn with shorter style wedding dresses. These short wedding veils of netting or delicate lace generally only cover a portion of the brides face skimming over the eyes and nose. they can fall to either the chin or below the jawline.

Birdcage veils are versatile with most hairstyles.

Shoulder-Length Wedding Veil

Shoulder-length wedding veils are great for brides whos style is more of a traditional look, but still want to show off the intricate detailing of gown underneath.

Blusher Wedding Veil

A blusher veil is a short, typically 30 inches in length falling to the bust line and made from tulle or netting. The size and shape vary depending on the placement in the hairstyle.

A blusher veil is generally fastened at the crown so the veil can fall over the face when walking down the aisle.

Elbow Wedding Veil

An elegant veil that frames the face and falls to elbow length as it drapes over the shoulders.

The medium-length veil looks excellent with a fuller skirt gown as it enhancing the details around the waistline.

Fingertip Wedding Veil

The fingertip is a sheer mid-length veil that falls below the fingertips when your arms are by your side, extending below the waistline.

It is a popular choice for brides as the lightweight veil showcases the beautiful detailing of the gown.

Knee-Length Veil

A knee-length veil can provide the longer styles drama but without worrying about it getting dirty or snags from the ground.

Waltz or Ballet Wedding Veil

Generally falls between knee and ankle, making it the perfect long veil to dance the night away without tripping! This style can be easily worn with various hairstyles and is ideal for creating wind swept bridal images with your photographer.

Floor-Length Wedding Veil

A floor-length veil touches the floor to create a streamlined silhouette to match the gown.

Chapel Wedding Veil

An elegant chapel-length veil is typically for a more formal or traditional style bride as the veil drapes slightly longer than the floor extending past the trial gown.

The timeless veil style comes in either a raw-edge for a minimalistic feel or trimmed with lace for more drama.

Make sure you discuss with your hairstylist where you would like the veil to drape to on the floor, and design a hairstyle that works for the veil length.

Cathedral Wedding Veil

A cathedral-length veil is the most dramatic and formal as it sweeps beyond the bride's gown's train for a real princess vibe.

Although it creates the most romantic drama, it is harder to move in, and you will require assistance from the bridal party to spread it out and straighten for the ceremony and bridal party photos.

Juliet Cap Veil

A classic 1920's vintage style veil of small mesh embellished with lace, pearls or flowers that wrap around the top of your head, gathering at either side creating a cap-like appearance. It works beautifully with textured waves for a boho look.

Mantilla Wedding Veil

This traditional Spanish style oval cut veil is worn flat on top of the head, slightly back from the hairline and frames the face with intricate lace border detailing.

The veils come in various widths, lengths and lace detailing working best with hair down or sophisticated, sleek bun hairstyles.

Double Tier Wedding Veil

Is generally two veils of different lengths to create a two-tier look with a longer style veil combined with a blusher length for more volume.

The blusher length veil can be placed over the brides face during the ceremony for that dramatic reveal and then pulled back or removed for the reception.

Here are few styles I found online to inspire your style vision.

Delicate lace trim from Zuhair Murad.

A galaxy of stars from Ziad Nakad Bridal

Laced Juliet Cap Veil from Herve Paris Bridal

Sheer long Fia veil from Lola Varma

Embellished pearls from Berta

Beautiful soft florals from Tania Maras

Shorter length as seen on one of Steven Khalil brides.

Soft pearl veil from Prea James.

Danity birdcage from Daphne Newman Design.

Jewel encrusted comb with veil from Reema Acra

How perfect for a garden style wedding is this pink flower appliqué veil from Monique Lhuillier.

Short netting veil with pearls draped over the face from Sheridan Tjhung.

Voluminous Veil headband with flowers from Berta.

Soft cascading flower band to frame the face from Marchesa.

Mini pearls from Untamed Petals.

Beautiful flower headband and netting veil, perfect for a structured plain gown.

Match the detailed design of the dress to your veil like this beautiful one from Steven Khalil.

A lightweight embroidered flower birdcage from Tania Maras.

A heavier pearl encrusted veil for drama and elegance from Steven Khalil.


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