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Pearl Hair Pin Hairstyles

Pearls are a great addition to add to bridal up styles and have been seen on the runway multiple times. Add to a simple knotted bun, the base of a ponytail, sprayed throughout a topknot or decorating a braid. The styling opportunities by adding pearl hair pins accessories are endless. They come either as a bobby pin or as a pearl attached to a ripple (u) shape pin and come in varying sizes.

Here are some of our favourite hairstyle inspirations using pearl pins.

Twisted Wet-Look Upstyle

This hairstyle as been popular on Pinterest because of the wet-look trend. The sprayed pearls throughout the textured twists gives a cool mermaid vibe.

Wet Twisted Upstyle with Pearl Hair Pins - Hairstyle Inspiration Blog

Knotted Bridal Updo Hairstyle Using Pearl Pins

For those who have super straight hair why not try this low twisted up style created by Melbourne hairstylist Shauna Elizabeth. Shauna added a mixture of pearl pins and sticker embellishments towards the ear.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with Pearl Hair Pins

For brides not wanting a veil for their wedding day why not add in some pearl hair pins to a half up half down wavy hairstyle.

Natural Hair Textured Upstyle With Sprayed Pearls

Love how the use of large and small pearls sprayed throughout this hairstyle show off the natural hair texture. This hairstyle works well for babes with finer hair.

Textured Upstyle with Pearl Hair Pins - Hairstyling Tips

Wedding Hairstyle - Textured Low Bun with Pearl Pins

Tonya's hairstyles are saved all over the world for bridal hairstyle inspiration. She creates the most beautiful textured upstyles with volume and movement. Check out her Instagram account for more wedding hair inspiration. Tonya travels globally teaching hairstylists her technique in her famous masterclasses.

Pearl Clips in a Low Bun Hairstyle

If your not into wearing jewellery you can add pearls to your hair like this simple low bun.

Sleek Bun Hairstyle with Pearls - Hairstyling Blog Australia

Side Bun Hairstyle with Pearls

Australian hairstylist Justine added pearl hair pins to accessorise a voluminous side bun hairstyle.

Pearl Hair Clips in an Inverted Ponytail Hairstyle

Add some pearl pins to the side of an inverted ponytail twist to draw your eye up and down the length of the hairstyle. Curl the ends of the hair to add texture and movement like the below hairstyle by Viola.

Bridal Chignon Hairstyle with Pearl Pins

This shiny and super sleek classic chignon has 3 pearl hair accessories for the modern bride or red carpet event hair.

Pearls Through a Rope Braid Twist Hairstyle

Loving this rope braid twist by the creative team at Jennifer Behr with her pearl hair pins cascading to the ends.

Messy Side Braid Hairstyle with Pearls

Why not add some pearl pins to a textured side swept plait.

Messy Bun Hairstyle with Pearl Hair Clips

Pearls look great in naturally curly hair too like this simple low bun. Great for brides who feel more comfortable with keeping their natural hair texture on there wedding day.

Pearl Pins in Topknot Hairstyle

Add a spray of multiple sized pearl pins to a loose high topknot bun hairstyle to show off the texture like below from hairstylist Irina.

Single Pearl in Low Loose Twist Hairstyle

Loving the vibe of this textured low loose twist off the runway from the archives of Chanel. Hairstylist Sam McKnight finished the hairstyle off with a simple large pearl.

Chanel Runway 2012 Single Pearl Hair Pin Hairstyle - Hair Blog Australia


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