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How to Prepare for Your Wedding Hair Trial

Sydney Bridal Hairstylist - Wedding Hairdresser - Jodie Day
Photographer Briar Atlas

The bridal hair trial is an essential factor for the bride-to-be to collaborate with her expert hairstylist to bring her dream style vision to life.

It's a collaborative process throughout the bridal journey, so the bride needs to be prepared and open to provide as many details as possible to help to design the hairstyle. Providing the information to the hairstylist allows them to review your vision and offer their expert advice to achieve the bridal beauty vision for the wedding day.

Here are some tips to help prepare for the bridal hairstylist;

  • Know your wedding style vision

  • Buy your wedding dress before the hair trial.

  • Photos are a great source of inspiration

  • Schedule a wedding trial purposefully

  • Wash your hair the night before

  • Have hair extensions available at the trial if the hairstyle requires them

  • Purchase your hair accessories and veil before the trial

  • Wear a white top or dress for the appointment

  • Have your support team arrive at the end or after the trial

  • Take images of your final look in a variety of lighting

TIP #1 - Know your wedding style vision

Your wedding hairstyle should represent your style as well as the theme of your wedding.

Remember, you and your loved ones will be looking back at these special moments through video and images for years to come.

Here are some points to consider to address at your bridal consultation;

What's your overall style theme?

  • Classic/Traditional Wedding

  • Contemporary Elegance

  • Vintage Style Wedding

  • Rustic Style

  • Beach Wedding

  • Bohemian Wedding

  • Industrial Inspired Wedding

  • Country/Farm Wedding 

  • Garden Wedding

  • Glamour Wedding

Some other questions to consider having the answers for are;

  1. What's your colour theme?

  2. What is your dream dress style?

TIP #2 - Buy your wedding dress before the hair trial!

It is best to have images of your wedding dress to show you're hairstylist at the wedding trial. Reference images with details provide a visual representation of your unique style. The detailing and cut of the wedding dress may affect how you wear your hair.

When you go for your dress fittings, try different quick hairstyle changes of your hair up in a bun, pony, topknot, hair down, half-up half-down hairstyles so you can get an overall feel while you are in the dress.

TIP #3 - Photos are a great source of inspiration

Photos can be a great way to communicate with your hairstylist about your unique style, likes and dislikes. Keep in mind when browsing for hairstyles that multiple hair textures can make each hair design look different on everyone. If you like elements of a few different hairstyles or makeup looks, bring photos of all of them, so your stylist can use them to build one cohesive vision.

Bring along photos of what you don't like, too, because your definition of a ‘curls’ might be much different from the hairstylists interpretation! Have you had your hair done before where you disliked how you looked? Tell the team why you felt that way. If your hairstylist know what to stay away from, your trial will be so much more efficient.

The most effective way to show your style team is to create a board on Pinterest or create a mood board on Canva; rather than having to scroll back through your camera roll or multiple saves platforms.

TIP #3 - Schedule a wedding trial purposefully

Be sure to schedule a wedding trial at least 3-6 months before the wedding date. At the trial, the style team will provide you with professional advice on hair routines in the lead up to the big day. A hair wedding trial is approximately 1.5 – 2 hours per service; this allows plenty of time to consult on ideas and test a few options if required.

You can plan these appointments for the same day as your dress fitting, engagement photos, bridal shower, bachelorette/hens party, or just a fun date night to maximise the service.

Remember if you don’t want others to see your hairstyle before the wedding day, you will need to schedule a trial on a non social event day. Or you can speak to your hairstylist about doing two different style options at the trial. Additional charges may apply for the extra service.

Always provide feedback to the style team on any pros and cons of the look. If possible, try and plan the hair and makeup look on the same day to get the overall feel.

TIP #4 - Wash your hair the night before

For bridal hair trials, it is best to wash your hair the night before, so it has time to regain its natural oils. If your hair gets oily quickly or you have to exercise beforehand, it is best to wash your hair before the appointment. Don't add in any products or heated styling tools before the meeting, so the hairstylist can see your natural hair texture to provide a style prep plan before the wedding day.

TIP #6 - Have hair extensions available at the trial if the hairstyle requires them.

If most of the hairstyles you have placed in your inspiration board are long and thick, more than likely, most of these hairstyles have clip-in hair extensions added to create volume or length. For wedding hair, these are an excellent option for adding durability to the hairstyle if your hair is fine in texture as the style holds in place longer with hair extensions.

It is best to purchase these before your trial as the hairstyle vision you have might not be achievable with your natural hair texture and will provide a false perception.

Remember, always purchase 100% human hair. If you are unsure if you will need hair extensions for your hairstyle, contact your hairstylist before the trial.

TIP #7 - Purchase your hair accessories and veil before the trial

It is best to have any hair accessories like hair clips, headbands and hair vines available at the bridal trial. Remember to have your veil as well, so you and the stylist can work out the best placement for the hairstyle.

If you are undecided about adding any hair accessories, that's ok! At the trial, you and the stylist can consider options for the day on what would work best for the selected hairstyle. If you are adding real hair flowers to your hairstyle, you don't need to have these until the wedding day.

TIP #8 - Wear a white top or dress for the appointment

Wear something comfortable at the appointment as you will be sitting for a while. If possible, try to wear something white or something similar in the neckline to your dream dress as this will give more of an idea of how the whole style vision works together.

TIP #9 - Organise your makeup trial on the same day

To see the overall desired look together, try and arrange your trial bookings on the same day.

TIP #10 - Have your support team arrive at the end or after the trial

It's best to start the bridal consult on your own as it's your wedding and style vision, not your bridal parties. This time allows for you to bond with hairstylist over your wedding plans. It will also ensure the time is relaxed and fun between you and the team. The support team should arrive closer to the end of the trial to provide feedback.

Try to be selective with your support team and keep to one or two. Too many opinions or even just one very outspoken, opinionated friend or relative can turn a fun experience into a stressful and confusing one. Ideally, have someone with you whose opinion and fashion style you respect, trust and who will speak up, give their opinion but will also be respectful to you.

TIP #11 - Take images of your final look in a variety of lighting

Once you’re happy with your hairstyle, it’s time to go camera-crazy! Make sure you take images and videos from every angle as well as a full-length shot, to get the overall feel. You will also want to take images & videos in outdoor and indoor lighting to gauge how it affects the overall look, especially if your wedding is focused outside. The more pictures you take, the easier it will be to create the look again.


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