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How to Prepare for Your Hair Service on the Wedding Day

Below is my guide for the bridal party to prepare for the hair services and the set-up station requirements to help ease and optimal conditions on the day.


It is requested that bridal party members requiring services are to wash their hair the night before the wedding with x 2 shampoo’s + 1 conditioner on ends only.

If anyone’s hair gets oily during their sleep overnight, they can wash their hair on the morning. If anyone selects this option they will be required to dry off their hair before being in the chair for styling.

For mothers of the bride or groom that have short hair that require a blow-dry, they can wash their hair the morning of the wedding.

For any person that has super curly hair that is after a smoother finish on the day, I recommend getting a blow-dry the day before that stretches the hair out. This creates more memory hold for the hairstyle to last on the day, especially if its humid weather.

If hair extensions are to be added on the day for Hollywood waves or boho waves, please ensure these are shampooed, conditioned, dried – not wet; and brushed thoroughly ready for the service. For hairstyles that require hair extensions added, additional time of 15-30mins will need to be added to the service depending on the desired hairstyle.

BRIDAL ROBES It is best to wear either a robe/gown or button up top for the services to allow easy change into attire for the event without disturbing the hair and makeup.

LIGHTING Natural lighting is best, so an area that is close to large windows that let in natural light is highly recommended. If this isn’t available please let the team know in advance as many stylists have ring lights to provide imitation natural light for the service. (Eg these are generally required for hotel rooms and early morning starts before sunrise) I generally recommend the hair and makeup team to be in the same room to be able to work together to provide the best service as a team. SET UP STATIONS FOR HAIRSTYLING

If possible it is best to work from a dining table area to lay out equipment on the table and the chairs are at the best height for hair services.

If a large table is not available at the location, a table top/bench space is required for the set-up of equipment. A low workable chair (sometimes hotel rooms lounge chairs are not very accessible to work from behind due to angles). If at a hotel you may need to ask for a chair to be in the room the night before so it’s ready to go for an early start. Generally they will have restaurant dining chairs or ‘study/business’ style chair. If there is a team of stylists due to time constraints or larger services numbers, x how many stylist of chairs are required in the room, so they can all work at once.

Hairstylists should always carry a power board and extension cord in their kit so should only require a free power point available in the room on arrival. TOUCH UP KIT Mini hairsprays are great in case the day is windy for fly aways.

Wide tooth comb like the Jack Dean Pompadour Hair Comb is a great mini comb that you can pop in your bag to keep your waves in place on the go to re set after being in the wind!

- additional pins (ask on day from hairstylist)


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