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Accounts To Follow On Instagram For Wedding Hair Inspiration

It can be overwhelming to know where to begin the search to find bridal hair inspiration. There are so many social media accounts to follow, or you can spend hours searching for the correct tags to enter for the perfect bridal hairstyle! I have added my favourite bridal hair accounts and influencers who inspire me and set trends in the wedding beauty industry.

You can create a folder in your saved images on instagram for bridal hair so they are all in the one place for your trial. Now lets start going down the rabbit hole of some amazing hairstyling from around the world.


Multi Hairstylists Bridal Hair Inspiration Account

Beyond The Ponytail account is purely set up as hairstyle inspiration guide showcasing multiple hairstylists work from around the world. As the name suggests its more than just ponytails its a visual gallery of up-dos, braids, bridal buns, and half-up half-down hairstyles. You will see a lot of hairstylist tagging this account to be featured on here.


International Wedding Hairstylists Accounts


Russian based hairstylist and hair educator Tonya Pushkareva is the queen of bridal up-dos! Her hairstyling work is mainly of textured low bridal buns with lots of volume at the crown or soft romantic high buns.


Kasia Fortuna is another bridal hairstylist educator who's work is a great combination of soft textured styles and sleek glam wedding hair.


Vera Krasteva is another Russian based wedding hairstylist under the Tonya Stylist Studio.


Israeli hairstylist Dvir Tvik's work is a collection of glossy glamour waves, textured wavy hairstyles, sleek ponytails and simple bridal buns. It's also a great account to check out bridal makeup designs.


Australian Wedding Hairstylists Accounts


Cara Clyne is Australia's clean textured up-style queen and Hollywoods waves.


Sydney based hairstylist Natalie Anne has won multiple awards for digital influencer in the hair industry. She produces inspiring hairstyling tutorials of different wavy hair textured hairstyles, upstyles and her signature volume pony.


Cat Hughes is a Melbourne based bridal hairstylist and educator. Her feed showcases beautiful hairstyle how to videos of textured low buns, ponytails and half-up half-down hairstyles.


Melbourne Hairstylist Justine of Polished Style creates beautiful natural effortless bridal hair for a real modern feel.


Brisbane hairstylist Jody Callan is well known for her textured effortless boho hairstyles of messy buns, braids, ponytails and waves.


Ulyana Aster is a global bridal hair educator, hair accessory and gown designer. Her style is whimsical romanticism of soft textured updos and hair down with beautiful accessories intertwined throughout.


Queensland Hair and Make-Up Artist Emma Chen is highly known for her signature textured hairstyles for the fuss-free girl. These hairstyles range from tousled beach waves, textured topknots and ponytails and beautiful braided half-up hairstyles.


Melbourne hairstylist Shauna Elizabeth creates beautiful volume ponytails, soft polished waves and effortless bridal buns.


Melbourne hairstylist Brittany's account features a good combination of textured and sleek bridal buns, beauty waves and glossy waves, ponytails and gorgeous crown braids .


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