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Decorative Pearl Bobby Pins for Bridal Hair

Over the past few years hair accessories have been on trend to add to your hair, especially for weddings. They look great in glamorous waves, on the side of a ponytail, or to keep hair pinned back behind the ear for straight or curly hairstyles.

In 2020 I launched the brand Beau.Mane. Delivering fashion focused hair clips and pins to add a jewellery statement to brides hair. The pieces work well stacked together for bolder look or you can simply add one hair pin for a more classic look.

The trend-focused designs feature a mix of bold and dainty elements, created to be easy to use, multi-functional and affordable to combine pieces together for a personal flare. 

Pearl hair clips are extremely popular due to the classical look and the creaminess of the colour works well with bridal gowns.

Here are a few pieces I recommend from the online store for brides.

The Lustre Pearl Pin Set for $12 features 6 bobby pins with a single large pearl attached. They look great featured in textured upstyles, bun hairstyles and placing a single pin above into the bas of a ponytail.

The Vintage Glam Hair Pin features teardrop shapes pearls surrounded by rhinestone settings. The detailing is featured on the length of the hair pin to make a dramatic statement and works perfectly on the side of glamour waves keeping the hair behind the ear, on beautiful sleek straight hair at the front hairline or placed at the back of the hair to hold the front sections back into a half up hairdo.

The Mixed Pearl Hair Pin features a single row of contrasting sizes of pearls set into the gold pin to create a sturdy and durable design for your creativity with hairstyles. It allows you to express your unique style by placing the pearl pins randomly through naturally curly hair to show off the use singularly to keep hair off the face. This style of pin have been popular for bridesmaids wearing their hair out in loose waves.

How cute are these vintage style hair clips! The bow is made of metal mesh and is bound together with an ornate pearl charm. This hair pin is timeless and the small features allows versatility with many hairstyles.

The Spray Pearl Hair Slide features a curved pin that moulds to the shape of your head when you add to your hairstyle. This longer design helps the pin stay firmer in the hairstyle. It works great in thicker hair.


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