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Adding Real Or Dried Flowers To Wedding Hairstyles

Fresh flowers look beautiful incorporated into wedding hairstyles to enhance the overall style vision. They are popular amongst brides for garden style weddings, country-style weddings and boho weddings.

They can be added to half-up half down hairstyles, bridal buns, to the base of ponytails and woven throughout boho braids.

Singular Wedding Hair Flowers

Small flowers and foliage - Can be added directly to the hairstyle as the flower stem is subtle enough for a bobby pin to slide across securing to the hairstyle.

You can ask your florist to wrap the stems with wire and floral tape to secure easier.

Larger and more fragile flowers - It is best to ask the florist to wrap the stems with a small wire and floral tape. The hairstylist can easily mould the wire in the correct direction for placement and secure with a bobby pin without breaking the flower off at the base.

How to Wire Flowers For Wedding Hairstyles

Flowers On A Bridal Hair Comb

For grouping flowers together to create a floral piece, it is best to ask your florist to make a floral comb for your bridal hair.

Fresh Flower Wedding Hair Comb
SOURCE: Jerome Cole Photography

The flowers are wired or glued to the comb and secured together artistically. This process allows the hairstylist to slide the comb into the hairstyle effortlessly.

Flower Crown

A flower crown may be measured to the brides head for a custom-made crown to ensure its fits properly. They can also be secured with an adjustable ribbon at the back tied into a bow.

A wedding hairstylist will generally apply a few bobby pins around the frame for extra support.

Here are some points to consider when selecting flowers for bridal hairstyles.

Do They Work With Your Wedding Style Vision?

The most crucial factor to consider is your style and personality, do the flowers work with the dress, the accessories, hair and makeup look? When selecting flowers, always ask yourself if they complement the other elements of the wedding.

Present Inspiration Images To Your Style Team.

Provide your florist with plenty of inspiration images from the types of flowers, foliage used, size of the crown or comb. These types of images will help your florist understand the vision you want to create for your hairstyle. These images, along with your hairstyle reference images, help your hairstylist understand your look's overall feel.

Consider The Climate & Season Of The Wedding

For weddings in the hot summer months, you will need to consider that the heat can affect individual flowers as they are out of water. You may want to opt for more hardy versions of native flowers and foliage for the duration. Try to purchase flowers from the season of the wedding, and this can also reduce your costs.

Select Flowers With Low Allergens.

If you, your partner or guests suffer from allergies like hayfever, it would be best to have a conversation with your florist about selecting flowers that are a low risk for sufferers. The last thing you want is for you or your partner to be sneezing throughout the celebrations.

Select Flowers That Will Last

Without water and the heat, many types of flowers may wilt and discolour quickly, so its best to select flowers and foliage that can last through the event. Speak to your florist about what would be the best-suited options for your flower crown and hair comb that won't wilt. There are also plenty of dried varieties that are popular.

Consider The Placement & Style Of The Hairstyle.

Flower Crowns - Are generally added to hairstyles with less volume at the top like textured waves, low bridal buns or boho textured braids. Some brides prefer the crowns to fall across their hairline for impact, while others prefer the piece to sit in a headband placement.

Flower Comb - Looks beautiful in half up half down hairstyles, below the crown on bridal buns, underneath high buns, topknots or to the side of the hairstyle to see from the front.

Individual Flowers - Are excellent placed throughout braids, twisted updos, singularly off a bun hairstyle, to be honest, the options are endless.

With A Veil, Or Without

Some brides opt for adding in flower hair accessories to complete their style vision as they have decided not to wear a veil.

Flower Crowns - Most brides don't wear a veil with a flower crown, for those who wish to wear both it is best to place the veil underneath the flower crown, so it cascades over the shoulders.

Flower Comb - With a flower comb it is best to secure the veil into the hairstyle first with its comb, and then slide in the flower comb over the top, so the flower detailing is visible. When removing the veil, the flower comb can be removed and adjust to the hairstyle for best placement.

Individual Flowers - For this option with a veil, it purely depends on the veil's placement, you will want to make sure the veil isn't adding any weight to the individual flower.

Store The Flowers Correctly Before Applying To The Hairstyle

It is always best to follow the florist's guidelines on how to store your hair flowers on the wedding day. Some ask you to refrigerate, while others will ask to keep in a cool, dry, air-conditioned room. Its always best to keep them stored correctly until the last minute placement in the hairstyle, especially on hot summer days.

Keep Flowers Free Of Styling Products

Ask your hairstylist to place the flowers to the hairstyle once the final hairspray is applied to ensure the flowers don't discolour from the hair products.

If There Is Extra Budget, Organise A Spare

For outdoor weddings in the heat and possible wind, it is good practice to have a back-up floral piece to be added later to keep the flowers looking fresh throughout the day.

There are fantastic faux flowers on the market that can eliminate the risks of real blooms.

To view a gallery I have created on Pinterest for inspiration click here.


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