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Wide Tooth Texture Comb for Styling Hair Wet & Dry

Texture Combs or Detangling Combs are used to evenly distribute product to the hair or for detangling hair when wet.

They have become very popular amongst professional hairstylists to gently comb through curls after styling with a curling iron, for a soft and natural look that maintains texture and movement. You can also use this wide tooth comb to create volume to a hairstyle by gently backcombing the mid-lengths of the hair in an upwards motions to create fuller waves.

A texture comb gently separates the curl into a smooth finish by controlling frizz and static. The combs design features wide spacing between the teeth which prevents frizz and won’t cause breakage while detangling. Always start at the ends of the hair and work your way up to prevent damage and over stretching of the hair.

They are used by hairstylists backstage on runway shows for the wet-look hairstyles for combing through gels for textural definition at the roots. Especially popular for the wet-look hairstyles that have gel through the front and dry waves at the back for a combination texture.

The Janeke Gold Wide Tooth Comb

Have been popular for instagram hair tutorials due to the luminous gold and silver detailing.

Mason Pearson Rake Comb

Is a luxury comb to add to your hair styling collection.

The Kevin Murphy Texture Comb

detangles straight styles and perfects waves without causing frizz to give your hair a super-smooth look

Evo Roy Wide-Tooth Detangling Comb

Is sourced from ecologically managed forests and made of wood that is anti-static.

GHD Detangling Comb

Verb Detangling Comb

The By Vilain XL Comb

Is anti-static and keeps your hair detangled.

Jack Dean Pompadour Hair Comb

Is a great mini comb that you can pop in your bag to keep your waves in place on the go.


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