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Why Hairstylists Recommend To Add Hair Extensions For Bridal Hairstyles

How their hair is styled for many women makes them feel confident and looking their best, especially on their wedding day. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling glamourous leaving the salon with your hair perfectly styled with inspiration from an image you brought in, to a few hours later, the volume is flat, or the curls have dropped.

Unfortunately, most of the images we see on social media can provide us with a false sense of what can achievable with your hair. All the hair has been pushed forward over the shoulders to create voluminous hairstyle or hair extensions added to achieve big textured hair in most photos.

Here are some of the reasons bridal hairstylist recommend to add in hair extensions to wedding hairstyles.

Hair Extensions For Bridal Hair - Wedding Hairstyles - Bridal Hairstylist

1. Hair extensions provide long-lasting styles.

100% human hair extensions are well known for holding curls for an extended period of times. So adding them to bridal hairstyles helps the hairstyle keep its desired shape throughout the wedding celebrations from getting into the dress to dancing the night away on the dancefloor. Adding in clip-in hair extensions can make a big difference in hairstyles where the outdoor elements can affect our hair like humidity, wind and rain.

2. Hair extensions add volume to bridal hairstyles.

Adding hair extensions to fine hair can add instant volume to Hollywood or beachy textured waves.

They can add thickness to long hair by bulking up the ends for a fuller effect for half-up, half-down hairstyles.

Hair extensions stop hair from looking flat, boosting thickness through the mid-lengths to ends, and balancing the hairstyle evenly from the roots without weighing the hair down.

Thicker hair is generally required to create boho braids; these effortless updos can be achieved on finer hair by adding in a few clip-in pieces to bulk up the hair.

Like a fuller ponytail? Ponytail hair extension pieces can give you the bouncy ponytail hair of your dreams.

3. Hair extensions can add length.

Hair extensions can add length that looks natural and blend seamlessly to create dream wedding hairstyles. These are perfect for brides who may have recently changed their hairstyle or have hair that may take longer than usual to grow.

They provide instant length for glam waves and boho half up hairstyles.

For brides with shorter hair, ponytail extension pieces can provide the added length required to achieve a voluminous boho bun hairstyle.

Clip-In wefts or a ponytail piece can help achieve long luscious lengths to shorter hair for textured or sleek bridal ponytail updos.

4. Adding hair extensions creates versatility in hairstyles.

Adding in extensions on your wedding day can help your hairstylist achieve your dreams' hair without limiting results based on your hair type and texture.

Hair extensions reduce the stress for brides whos concerns are;

  • 'my hairs too thin.'

  • 'it doesnt hold curl.'

  • or 'my hairs too short.'

As they provide style support, add volume and length, allowing the bride to achieve multiple style options.

5.Adding in semi-permanent & permanent hair extensions last for the honeymoon

If you opt for adding in a weave, tape-in extensions, bonded or micro-beaded the added volume or length helps to achieve gorgeous hairstyles for date nights and tousled beach waves while on your honeymoon.


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