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What To Bring On The Day Of The Wedding

Here is a checklist of things to pack for the morning preparations for the bride and her bridesmaids, remember its always best to be super prepared.


List of Vendors: A printed list of the wedding vendors contact details to contact (if required) for any additional information, changes or to see where something/someone is if not on scheduled arrival.

Schedule/Run Sheet: Always great to have a print out for the bridal party to keep things on check for the morning preparations for the bride so she can be relaxed and calm, enjoying the moments.

Seating List: Good to have on-hand for any last-minute changes required of guests.

Speech: A copy of the brides (if applicable) and bridesmaids speech to revise and memorise during the day in the downtime between hair and makeup services.

Vows: A copy of the vows to memorise.

Phone Chargers: listening to playlists, scrolling on social media and taking all those behind the scenes snaps and videos can drain your battery. The last thing you want is your phone to run on empty at the wedding reception.

Portable Speaker: Get someone from the bridal party to play your favourite songs for the atmosphere.


Dresses/Gown: This is the most crucial aspect of your look. Get a professional to press out any creases, and then you can touch up on the day with a portable steamer.

Clothes Hanger (White): Bring a lovely white wooden hanger for beautiful photos of the dresses hanging together. Some brides get unique name tags made for that extra touch.

Veil: Make sure the bridal veil is hanging on a clothes hanger with minimal creasing and in a bag for protection.

Shoes: Test shoes before by wearing around the house if new to reduce blisters.

Heel Protectors/Grass Stoppers: Protective clear insert around the heel to stop heels from sinking into the ground for outdoor ceremonies and dance floors.

Shoe Gel Inserts: To help reduce friction inside the shoe.

Bra Style: Reminder to try on different bras like strapless, u-shape, push-up to see what works with the style/cut of the dress to be seam-free. Or do you have to go for the Hollywood Tape option only as a bra will be too visible?

Shape-wear/Underwear: best to wear seam-free underwear, so there are no visible edges or shapewear to create a smooth silhouette.

Bride Robes/Pyjamas/Button Up Shirt: These are great to wear to reduced unwanted clothing marks on your skin, and remove with ease without ruining your hair and makeup.

Jewellery: Pack all together in a box, so you don't forget any—reminder to pack additional earring backs if they go missing or don't want to go on properly. Always handy to have extras for security.

Hollywood Tape/Nipple Covers: Hollywood Tape is a double-sided transparent tape that can stick material to the skin to be less revealing or temporarily mend a fallen hemline. For a celebrity red-carpet secret, you can use an adhesive bandage-style tape to strap breast in to create the perfect shape for the cut of a dress.

Mini Sewing Kit:

Thread & Needle - That is white, black and what matches the bridesmaids dresses for any emergencies.

Safety Pins - Are great to have on hand for mending broken zippers to shoulder straps or for missing boutonniere pins.

Scissors - To cut any loose thread, clothing tags and hanging ribbon off the veil.

Hand-Held Portable Steamer: To minimises wrinkles and creases to dresses in transport.

Clutch: To store your must needed items to touch-up. Get your bridesmaids to take what you can't carry.


Hair Accessories: It is a good idea to pack with your jewellery, so you don't forget. If your hairstylist is bringing with them, send a message to remind them, when you are doing your final checks of packing your bags.

Hair Flowers: If you add real hair flowers to your hairstyle, double-check with your florist that they add wire for support when adding to your hairstyle.

Extra Bobby Pins: It's great to either buy some bobby pins or ask your hairstylist for some extras if you need to adjust the hairstyle after removing the veil.

Mini Soft Brush/Mini Wide Tooth Comb: Are great is you have waves for your hairstyle, and you wish to finesse before your entrance for the reception.

Hair Elastic/Ribbon: If the wedding day is exceptionally humid and you wish to put your hair up to dance the night away. Adding a white ribbon to a ponytail will make it look polished.

Mini Hairspray: Carrying a mini travel-sized hairspray is perfect for doing last-minute updo touch-ups after the hairstylist leaves. It is also great for removing static from slinky dresses to your skin.


Lipstick/Lip Liner/Lip Gloss: To touch up throughout the celebrations.

Lip Balm: Apply a rich moisturising balm or oil the night before and before makeup application to achieve hydrated lips for a smoother lipstick application.

Lip Scrub: For dry, flaky lips gently rub a lip scrub the night before to remove excess skin.

Concealer: For any touch-ups required for under eyes from happy tears.

Blotting Paper: It is excellent to absorb unwanted shine through the middle of the face as they absorb excess oils throughout the day without applying additional makeup products.

Powder/Silicone Powder: If you prefer to add powder throughout the day to remove unwanted shine, the silicone-based powder is excellent (try Rae Morris Invisible Mattifier or Trinny London Face Finish) to use without creating a heavier look.

Hydrating Face Mask: Applying a face sheet mask the night before will provide a healthy glow before your makeup application. Remember to try a brand ahead of time to reduce any signs of skin allergies.

Body Lotion: No one wants dry skin! Try an illuminating product for a healthy glow.

Nail Polish Clear /Coloured/Remover/File: Bring for any last-minute touch-ups required.

Mini Makeup Mirror: A compact mirror to do makeup touch-ups on the go.

Deodorant/Perfume: For applying when you get dressed. A full-sized bottle of your signature scent may also be used for photographs, best to bring a nearly full size. To freshen up during the celebrations, see if you can find a mini of your favourite scent.

Q-Tips/Tissues: For adjusting makeup from the emotions of the day.

Straws: So you can stay hydrated without removing your lipstick.


Tampons/Pads: Always good to be safe.

Breath Mints/Dental Floss: Keep your smile in check for photos and all intimate one on one celebrations.

Hand Sanitiser: To keep your hands clean and fresh.

Medicine: Any medicine you require for a medical condition or your pain reliever of choice for sore feet so you can continue dancing in your heels.

Eye Drops/Allergy Medications: If you have allergies from outside elements of pollen.

Cash/I.D: For any additional payments required or if you do a kick on out on the town after.

Food: Supply easy to eat snack food throughout the morning preparations to the bridal party like fruit platters, dips and cheese, small finger sandwiches. A reminder that you need to eat as more than likely you will be having your photos when guests enjoy the canapes.

Water: Stay hydrated throughout the day.

Champagne: For the pre-celebratory drinks with the girls. Have a bottle available for your photographs before you leave for the ceremony.


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