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Top Professional Hair Straighteners in Australia

When selecting heated styling equipment for your hair you want to look for a tool that heats the hair to an optimum temperature for styling results, multiple sensors that pick up your hair to produce an even heat and heat plates that allow movement for a curved edge for creating curls.

To achieve a professional result with styling it really helps to pay a bit extra for a tool that will last for years to come and has long product warranty.

Here is our round up of the best professional hair straighteners available in Australia.

The GHD Platinum+ Hair Straightener

The GHD Platinum+ features breakthrough ultra-zone with predictive technology, which means the stylers plates feature multiple sensors so the tool recognises each section of hair and adapts the power to ensure the optimum temperature of 185ºC is consistent across the two plates. This ensures the hair only has to pass snag-free throughout the hair straighter once to reduce over heating the hair. The technology has a built in sleep mode to turn off automatically if you haven't used the heated styling tool after 30mins, great is you forgot to turn it off!

The sensors monitor the heat 250 times per second across the plates and adjusts the power depending on the thickness of your hair and speed at which you are styling to achieve personalised heated styling unique to our hair.

The upgrade on the design features a wishbone style hinge to ensure the plates are perfectly aligned while you style and creates a rounder barrel shape perfect for creating curls and waves.

GHD Gold Professional Hair Styler

The ghd gold professional styler is slightly cheaper than the platinum styler. The differences between the two hair straighteners is that the gold styler doesn't have the wishbone style hinge, 5 seconds of heat up time and it features one sensor on each plate, not multiple like the Platinum+.

The Cloud Nine Original Hair Iron

Cloud Nine Original hair iron adjusts the temperature according to the thermal sensor’s calculations allowing you to choose from seven different temperatures to ensure optimum performance for all hair types. It features seven temperature control options from 100 degrees to 200 degrees, so you can choose the heat that’s best suited to your hair type. The floating mineral-infused ceramic plates heat up in only 20 secs allowing for quick hair styling. The hair glides over the plates reducing dragging and hair snags.

The Cloud Nine Touch Iron - Instant Heat Hair Straightener

The Cloud Nine Touch, is the fastest heating iron on the market. This buttonless iron heats instantly from the very first stroke. You can choose the heat that’s best suited to your hair type by quickly touching the plates together three times to switch between temperatures.

The touch begins working from the first stroke with no on/off switch, reaching its operating temperature of 195°C instantly. For a lower temperature, suited to finer hair or softer styles, quickly touch the plates together three times to switch to 165°C.

The H2D Linear II Pro - One Pass Straightening Iron

Allows the stylist to be in control of the temperature by adjusting the temperature control between 0 to 230 degrees. Great for using on fine hair, thick curly hair and reducing the heat for wig styling. The plates are tourmaline-infused releases negatively charged ion particles which seal cuticles, infuse moisture, eliminate frizz and provide that silky sheen to the hair.


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