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Top Brands For Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day Hair

So your bridal hairstylist has recommended adding in hair extensions for your wedding day hairstyle, but you're confused as to where to buy, what colour and how long should they be?

There are so many brands to choose from, but not all extensions brands are a high-quality product. A good quality set of Remy hair extensions are an investment piece to your style wardrobe and can last for a long time if looked after correctly.

When shopping online, you want to make sure that the brand features information on the following;


  1. The hair is 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions

  2. Where is the hair from?


  • Do they have various colours to match your hair colour, from solid colours, the mixed tone for highlights to balayage?

  • Is there information on how to colour match when purchasing online?

  • Do they offer colour sample swatches to compare colours and check your hair colour at home before buying?

  • Do they offer level undertones of the hair extensions colour to help with the selection of colour based on professional hair colour systems that your hair colourist would use on your hair?

  • Can you send some images of your hair for the brand's customer service team to help colour match for you?

Tips for Sending Images

  1. stand in front of a window with lots of natural light (without being directly in the sunlight)

  2. Select images that showcase your hair colour from the roots to the tips.

  3. Select the image that you feel is true to colour when you look at yourself.

  4. DON'T edit with filters.


  • Do they offer a classic clip-in extension for volume at the root or seamless option for a flatter more natural look from the roots?

Classic Clip-Ins are;

  • Made with a fabric-stitched weft base

  • Can withstand heat, and dye

  • Are great if you have lots of hair strands, medium-thick short hair, or a blunt haircut

  • You prefer more volume at your roots

  • You plan to use them for ponytails or updos

  • You plan to dye the extensions

Seamless Clip-Ins

  • Made with a thin silicone-based weft base

  • Lays flat against your head

  • Can withstand heat, and dye

  • Great if you have fine & short hair or have a fine - medium hair type with an average amount of hair

  • You want less volume at the root


Do they have multiple length options that you can select from; usually, they are 16inch, 20inch and a 24inch?

  • 16 Inches: Are for brides with mid-length hair cuts that want to add in volume to their waves and don't want to add any length.

  • 20 Inches - Are for brides who have hairstyles either around the bra strap length or for shorter hair that want to create volume and longer hairstyle on their wedding day.

  • 24 Inches - Are for brides who wish to have long flowing locks on their wedding day.

TIP- you can always buy longer than what you think your hair is and get your hairdresser to cut to the length you like. The 20inch sets are the most popular length for this.


  • Do they have a customer service department that will advise you on which hair extension set will work best for your hair type, texture, colour and desired results?

  • Do they have a great return and exchange policy?

  • Do they have valuable resources online on how to attach, blend, and style to reuse yourself?

  • Are there plenty of positive customer reviews of the products?

Here are the top brands I like to use for my brides.

Have multiple length options from 12 to 30 inches, classic and seamless wefts, clip-ins, ponytails and halo extensions and over 22 colour shades.

Have multiple length options from 16 to 24 inches, classic and seamless wefts, clip-ins, ponytails and halo extensions and have a selection of 38 colour shades.

Come in one length of 20 inches which you then select what density you require fine, medium and thick and they are available 17 colour shades.

Come in a set of 7 pieces of 20 inches or Halo from a selection of 22 colours.


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