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Tame Fly Away Hair with a Toothbrush

The humble toothbrush is used by professional hairstylists on photoshoots and celebrity clients to tame flyways hairs to the hairstyle to create a flawless look.

Why do hair stylists use a toothbrush when styling hair?

Its a great hair styling tool for those with lots of new baby hair growth around the hairline that doesn't stay in place. All you have to do is simply spray the bristles of the toothbrush with a small amount of hairspray and gently comb the fine hairs back into place.

They are great for smoothing down stubborn flyways hairs on polished ponytails, bun hairstyles and sleek middle parts.

You can use the toothbrush to create an editorial texture to topknot hairstyles by going against the direction of the hairstyle at the front to create a wispy texture for a more messy but controlled look.

Can you use the hair toothbrush on baby hairs around the hairline?

The fine detailing of the toothbrush allows you to apply gel to wispy hairs on the hair line to create curved designs without getting the gel through the rest of the hair. To mold the hair use a super fine comb or a makeup spoolie (dispoable mascara wand) to create movement and waves.

Fashion Braided Hairstyle - Gelled Baby Hairs on Hairline  - BEAU MANE The Gloss

Can you use a general purpose toothbrush to tame fly away hairs?

Using the general purpose toothbrush at home for personal use is ok, but if you need to add one to a professional hairstyling kit we recommend the following options.


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