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Mermaid Waves with Bondi Boost Wave Wand

Recently, we've seen a lot of very natural looking, low-maintenance waves that screams Uber-cool girl vibe for all occasions. These mermaid beachy waves feature a rippled wave effect like you see in the sand at the beach and are great for transforming sleek bobs and long tresses into crinkly waves. They look perfect either spritzed with salt spray or a blast of texturising mist to create lots of volume for an undone effect. Celebrities like the Kardashians have been delivering this trend with a more streamlined look where high shine gloss products are added the to the mermaid wave texture to create a wet-look that frames the face.

What is the mermaid wave hair technique?

You have probably seen hairstylists using a flat iron on horizontal sections of the hair and rotating the wand back and forth in the opposite direction to create this wave effect. This technique can be hard to master, leaving you feel like only the professionals can achieve it! Well don't worry hair lovers, cult hair brand Bondi Boost has released the ultimate tool in helping you to achieve these waves. Introducing the Wave Wand.

To create those loose mermaid wavy hairstyles you love, the team at Bondi Boost have designed a wand with extra large barrels that your hair slides onto. All you have to do is clamp down on the section of hair, hold for about 5 seconds each section and presto you have that undone texture you were after like the professsionals!

The heat is almost instant and evenly distributed across the tourmaline ceramic barrels. The temperature is customisable so you can adjust the level of heat based for your hair type. For best results it is recommended to heat the hair between 160 and 210 degrees. The brand is all about beautiful healthy hair and to protect your hair even further from heat damage they offer a FREE full size Heat Protectant Spray when you purchase the Wave Wand. The organic spray is lightweight and to be spritz all over the hair from roots to ends before blow-drying, straightening or curling. The pack also features a handy heat resistant glove to protect your manicured fingers from the heated tool.

Bondi Boost Heat Protectant Spray for Hair - Hair Blog Product Reviews

How do I Use the Wave Wand?

  1. Prep the hair with a heat protectant spray by misting on roots to ends for even protection and blow-dry into hair.

  2. Always use the Wave Wand on dry hair only. If you are after a wet-look finish you can create this by adding gloss products at the end.

  3. We recommend to add a mist of texturising spray or hairspray to each section of the hair. This provides a bit of grit to support the waves texture to ensure they don't go flat throughout the day. You can also apply your heat protectant spray at this point.

  4. Start at the nape of the neck with your sections and don't make them too thick so the heat can transfer through quicker and evenly.

  5. Starting from just off the root for extra volume, clamp the hair and hold for between 5 to 10 seconds, then release the clamp, slide the device down the hair to the mid-lengths and repeat the process to the ends.

  6. Do not touch the sections that have been clamped until you have completed the whole head. This allows the hair to cool down and take shape in the crimped wave.

  7. If you are after an uneven texture throughout the hairstyle you can clamp random sections of hair to create beautiful natural texture.

How do I finish the Mermaid Wave Hairstyle?

Once you have completed the whole head of clamping and you have let the hair cool down you can finish the hairstyle off by one of the below effects.

  1. You can either seperate the wave by running your fingers through to create a more textured beachy look.

  2. You can gently brush the hair with a soft grooming brush or wide tooth comb to achieve a more relaxed vibe thats a bit softer.

  3. To create lots of volume blast the hair through the mid-lengths with a texturising spray or a light hold hair mist. You can also create extra volume at the roots with a volumising powder all the must-have dry shampoo spray and massage into the roots.

  4. If you wish to create wet-look waves you can add in high gloss shine oils and creams to create the texture.

Let's take a look at some Bondi Boost Wave Wand lovers creations on the gram for inspriation.

Teneille Favious from The Bachelor Australia created these gorgeous mermaid waves on her chocolate long locks using the wave wand.

Hair and Makeup Artist Penny Antuar created textured waves with volume by using dry shampoo styling power and adding in Sitting Pretty Halo Hair Extensions in for volume to the hairstyle.

Hairstylist Justine from Hair & Harlow salon added movement to her lob with the wave wand. She has created a great video tutorial on how she achieved this look on her IGTV.

How gorgeous is this hair and makeup look created by Queensland Makeup Artist Shannon Jennings, we are loving the volume and texture created by clamping the hair close to the roots Wave Wand.

Brisbane Makeup Artist Janise Chan created a more structured wave on the beautiful Annie.

Get in quick before stock runs out on this affordable waving tool at only $84.95 for you to become the next Ariel mermaid.


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