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Healthy Hair from the Inside

Sydney Bridal Hairstylist - Healthy Hair Tips - Jodie Day

Did you know that you could be nourishing your hair from the inside by eating certain foods? Eating a well-balanced diet can boost the health of your hair, skin and nails. The following foods not only help get your body into shape but provide the essential nutrients to build stronger, glossy hair.


Are the perfect snack food for your hair. They are a rich source of Vitamin E to support strength for thickness and shine, while the sources of biotin and omega-3 fatty acids help to stimulate hair growth.


Has sources of calcium and vitamin A & C to help strengthen your hair. It is high in vitamin B folate which is great for breaking down protein in the body and red blood cell formation for the hair follicle.


Is rich in antioxidants like vitamin E which helps prevent hair damage from free radicals that can make your hair dull and lifeless. It hydrates your hair and scalp from the fatty amino acids. Vitamins A, B6, D, E and copper to help build collagen in the skin around the hair follicle.


4 brazil nuts a day can supply your hair with a rich mineral called selenium that can help support hair growth. Don’t over consume these tasty nuts though as too much selenium can have a negative effect on the hair causing hair loss or brittleness.


Is high in folate to help with new hair growth and to strengthen hair. It is also a great source of protein.


Can support the hair growth cycle from niacin. Niacin helps improve circulation in the bloodstream to promote new cells development.


This superfood is a full of antioxidants of vitamin A, E and lots of vitamin C to keep your scalp and hair healthy by improving blood circulation and helps to produce collagen for stronger hair.


Adding cauliflower to your meals can help decrease hair breakage and hair thinning from the beta-carotene levels.


Might be little but they are a powerful superfood for your hair. They are a great source of fibre and a rich source of protein to help thicken your hair. The seeds are full of essential amino-acids that promote hair growth and to coat your hair with a glossy shine. Copper is also present that can be known to help in the delaying of greying in the hair.


Is an anti-inflammatory that helps with blood circulation through the body and where hair is concerned the scalp! Bringing nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles to support hair growth.


Coconuts and coconut oil are full of healthy fats, minerals and vitamins that strengthen your hair and add shine. Coconut oil can help reduce the protein loss in damaged hair while promoting hair growth. 


Yes eating dark chocolate can help your hair! It is full of minerals including copper, zinc and iron which are great for increasing blood flow to the scalp to aid in hair growth and shine.


Are a rich source of protein for cell development and iron to help with blood circulation to the hair follicle. Vitamin D minerals help your hair to grow strong and shiny and biotin helps with hair loss.


Is protein rich and vitamin B5 which helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp for hair growth and may help reduce hair loss or thinning.


Is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that help support the removal of toxins in the body. It helps the body absorb iron to promote hair growth.


Helps get your hair to health as its full of iron, beta-carotene, vitamin A, C and E that help repair damage to the body.


Promote hair growth with their high levels of zinc, magnesium, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.


Is one of the highest sources of vitamin C, it can help absorb iron into the body quicker to make your hair stronger. It is a powerful antioxidant to help in the development of hair growth.


Is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are linked to hair growth, maintaining scalp oil levels and hydration. These fatty acids help with volume and shine in the hair. Vitamin D and magnesium are also essential for boosting healthy hair.


Is a great source of plant-based iron that helps with blood circulation to the hair follicle for growing stronger hair. It is also known for its magnesium content which can help in the production of sebum for your hair.


Are high in vitamin C to support the immune system to protect the hair while maintaining the bodies protein levels.


Are high in beta-carotene which stimulate cell growth. It is converted to vitamin A in the body that helps to produce the oils that protect your scalp from dryness and promote thicker hair.


Is full of water which can provide moisture to the hair. It is known for helping with collagen maintenance around the hair follicle.

To view more foods to get healthier hair view the full article on Jodie’s hair accessory brand’s website Beau.Mane.


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