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Hair Ties to Reduce Damage when Creating Hairstyles

For most of us we use the standard hair tie to pull our hair back into a ponytail daily, but did you know that this could be causing damage to your hair? Snatching your hair into that sleek pony at the same spot continuously while using the wrong hair tie can mark the hair with dent marks that can lead to hair breakage or split ends.

Ever noticed those shorter pieces of hair at your crown area? Well this could be due to the type of band you are using for your ponytail hairstyles. To prevent damage to the hair shaft stay clear of hair ties with metal clasps, opt for snag-free or fabric ties. Another way to reduce hair breakage is to change up your ponytail positions from a high pony to a low ponytail frequently or wear your hair down the day after to give it a break.

If you're just looking for something to to causally tie your hair up on the weekend or for gym workouts the following options are best.

Why use a spiral hair tie?

The unique cord-like spiral design locks onto your hair without pulling, but grips on tightly to secure your hairstyle with less pressure on the hair. The coil hair ties dot kink your hair like regular hair bands and are completely snag free to help prevent damage to the hair. They are perfect for the gym as they are also waterproof so when you're doing an intense workout your hairband doesn't get wet from sweat. This style is great for all hair types and textures especially for thick and curly hair.

Rubber Coil Hair Tie - Hair Care Blog

Why are silk scrunchies great for hair?

Silk is known for its slippery texture that allows hair to glide across it without pulling on the hair strands to help reduce split ends and breakage. Not only is the Silk Thin Hair Scrunchie super comfortable it is great for fine and fragile hair as they area a more hair-friendly alternative.

Large silk scrunchies are great for naturally curly hair textures or super thick hair as they are large enough to wrap around a few times without adding any tension on your hair strands. The silk material is super comfortable, helps reduce slip ends and doesn’t leave dents in hair. They are great for sleeping with too!

Elastic Ribbon Knotted Hair Ties

This style of hair bands are made of soft fabric folded over elastic ribbon that stretches and holds the hair in place without creating kinks or creases in the hair. The non-snagging hair tie is lightweight and super soft on finer hair textures to reduce breakage. The come in a variety of colours and prints for any occasion.

No Damage Hair Ties

The Scunci No Damage Hair Ties standard size are very popular as they retain their shape, providing a firm and secure ponytail all day for long-lasting hold. They are ideal for all hair types and designed with no metal parts so they won't pull out or tangle your hair like traditional hair bands.

XL Hair Ties for Super Thick Hair

Do you struggle to find hair ties that will handle your thick hair? Well Scunci have designed an XL no damage hair elastics that are 60% bigger than the standard size! Designed with extra stretch to ensure it holds more hair for comfort for girls with really thick or curly hair to help reduce damage and tangles.

Big Hair Tools at Big W have an XXL range for thick and curly hair. They are 60% bigger and 60% stretchier than a standard size for hair thats naturally voluminous.

Silicone non-slip hair elastics

Silicone hair elastics are non-slip grip to provide super strength and long-lasting hold. The jelly texture keeps the hair in place while being active with sports.

What do professional hairstylists use to create the perfect ponytail?

Elastic Polybands

Poly bands are a stretchy material that's both strong and gentle on your hair. They won't tangle, snag or damage your hair like traditional elastics. The are perfect for securing small sections of hair like the ends of braids, topknots, smaller ponytails or buns as they won't snag, tug or damage hair. There are some styles that require a clear elastic and that’s when these rubberband-like hairbands come in handy as they can easily ben disguised in hairstyles and come in an assortment of natural hair colours or pops of colour from the rainbow for impact.

Hair Elastic Polybands for Braids and Ponytails - Hair Care Blog

Hair Bungee

The hair bungee features a hook on either end of the hair elastic which allows you to wrap firming at the base for a firm and secure ponytail. It stops the hair from slipping or creating unwanted sagging like regular hair bands. The bungee style hair band is great for creating sleek polished ponytails for thick hair or naturally curly hair without pulling or tugging on the hair. To finish the style off wrap a small section of hair around the base to disguise the hair bungee.

Hair Bungee Hair Elastic with Hooks to secure Ponytail

Hair Bungee Silicon

The Hair Bungee brand has created silicon option as well that applies less tension to the hair so there is less stress on the hair and scalp and reduces tangles. The new design also features a slimmer hook but wider gap size to secure onto more hair for a stronger hold and the slim design makes it easier to hide in a hairstyle.

Bobby Pin and Rubber Band Ponytail Technique

You will probably see a lot of hair tutorials from hairstyles using the 2 bobby pin and a standard rubber band technique. This is when you slide two bobby pins over the band. Like the bungee style you place one of the bobby pins into the base of the ponytail area to secure and stretch the rubber band around and around until it can't go around anymore and slide the other bobby pin into the base to secure. This method makes the ponytail very firm and secure. If you have have hair that is damaged or dry it would be best to try the XL Scunci hair bands as a replacement for the rubber band.

Bobby Pin and Rubber Band Ponytail Technique - Professional Hairstylist Secrets

Here is a tutorial on how to do this technique by Australian hairstylist Lorna Evans.

What do hairstylists use for ponytails on the runway?

For luxurious ponytails and creative banding techniques seen on the runway or photoshoots session hairstylists use the simple hat elastic cord to secure the hair. This technique allows you to be able to customise the firmness, weave it throughout a hairstyle for extra support and it finishes nicely without having to cover it up.

This technique is tricky to do on your own and usually requires an extra set of hands for tying the knot to secure for the hairstyle.

For the below hairstyle the hair was sectioned into two. the larger section is pulled back into a sleek ponytail with the hat elastic banding technique. The top section is firmly twisted and secured at the ponytail base with the hat elastic.

Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle using Hat Elastic Banding Technique

The below hairstyle was folded over like origami and secured with the elastic to form the shape.

Runway Folded Ponytail Hairstyle using Hat Elastic - Hairstyle Blog

Hat elastic is used here to create curved shapes throughout a ponytail by crossing the band over and pulling on the hair to make movement.

To elongate a ponytail create a laced-up effect to draw your eye down the length of the hairstyle.

Ponytail wrapped with Hat Elastic for Criss-Cross Design - Hairstyle Inspiration Blog Australia

Here Volia used a weaving technique to create an interesting design.


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