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Benefits of Using A Microfibre Hair Towel

Switching to a microfibre hair towel, also known as a hair turban, can have multiple benefits not only to your hairs health and condition, but also helping you to reduce time getting ready. Below are the benefits of using the smaller and softer towel to keep your hair smooth and strong.

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Can Microfibre towels make your hair dry quicker?

Microfiber is a synthetic dense fibre that has the ability to soak up the water quickly into the cloth allowing your hair to dry faster. Its soft material is suitable for textured hair types which are often more fragile. This is great for thicker hair as it can hold water in the hair for a long time if left to dry naturally, sometimes the underneath can stay wet for half that day! Wrapping your hair with a microfibre turban for about 30 minutes for denser hair textures can help soak up the water quicker while cutting the drying time in half.

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Does the towel damage my hair?

Using a normal bath towel on your hair by rubbing and twisted hair up onto your head can cause damage to your when its wet. Using a microfibre hair towel uses less friction on the hair so you don’t need to rub out the excess water to maintain the hairs softness and to reduce stretching the hair strands while wet.

The super absorbency of the towel not only reduces drying time but helps protect the hair from damage of prolonged excess heat caused by using a blow dryer.

Can the hair turban reduce frizz?

The standard cotton towel is coarser in texture so when you rub your hair to eliminate excess moisture this can cause hair frizz. Using a microfibre towel is more gentle on the hair and the smooth texture of the towel creates less friction to the hair and keep the cuticle smooth to reduce hair frizziness.

Will a hair turban make my hair cleaner?

Cotton towels tend to leave tiny balls of lint or fluff on your hair as they shed from use. The microfibres of the hair turban are closely woven together and this limits the transfer of lint fibres. It’s also good to know that your hair towel is only used for your head and not the rest of your body. They are also small enough to take on holidays or to the gym to refresh after a big workout.

Not only are they great for protecting your hair but they can be super fun with cool prints.

Have you made the switch yet?


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