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Ways To Attach A Wedding Veil To A Hairstyle

Below are the different ways a wedding veil can attach to a hairstyle, the techniques used to ensure they stay in the hair, and which hairstyles work with veil types. You will also need to confirm with your hairstylist that your wedding hairstyle has enough support for your veil's weight and length.

What are the different ways bridal veils are attached?

There are three ways the soft and delicate material of a bridal veil are attached to a hairstyle.

  1. A Clear Plastic Comb - The netting fabric is either sewn or glued to a clear plastic comb to slide into a hairstyle easily. These may vary in size depending on the shape and volume of the veil. Most of this style of a comb is straight and are the most common type available.

  2. A Metal Plastic Comb - Is prefered as a comb by bridal hairstylists as they are generally curved, and can be moulded to the head's shape for better support. The metal comb style works better for bobby pins to slide into the comb's wire teeth for extra support.

  3. Elastic Material Loops - Are sewn onto the veil to be attached easily for various hairstyles like ponytails and underneath a bun.

  4. Long Pin for Mantilla Veils - You can weave the fine pin through the veil and hair to secure flat to the top of the head. The other options are bobby pins or to attach a comb for extra support. If using hairpins, make sure they don't have rounded plastic ends to get through the netting without damaging the fabric.

Types of hairstyles and veil placement

  1. Bridal Ponytail - A small metal-framed comb works well for placing above the ponytail to cover during the ceremony for easy removal. For brides with voluminous ponytails, its best to secure with loops under the base of the ponytail. With sleeker hairstyles sometimes the combs don't slide in easily.

  2. Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles - Are great for adding in a veil as the hairstyle provides support from teasing at the crown and hairpins to slide the comb behind.

  3. Low Bridal Buns - are perfect for various wedding veils of length and weight as they provide ample support to dance the night away. You can adjust the bun's position, so the veil's placement is correct to draw the veil of the face. Most brides place the veil over the bun for the ceremony but if you wish to show off the beautiful texture you can attach underneath with loops.

  4. High Bridal Buns & Topknots - Generally for high bun hairstyles the veil will attach underneath the hairstyle to cascade over the shoulders. The veil can attach with either a comb or loops.

Techniques used to support a veil in a hairstyle.

  • Teasing - Gently backcombing the roots of the hair underneath, where the veil is to sit, can create texture for the comb or hairpins to grip onto for support.

  • Bobby Pins Underneath Hair - Crossing over hairpins at the base of where the veil needs to go can provide support as the comb slides behind.

  • Bobby Pins Over Veils Comb - Most hairstylist will slide a hairpin across either side of the veil once secured into the hairstyle for additional support for the elements like gusts of wind and guests accidentally stepping on the veil.

  • Mini Ponytails - A technique for hair down, is to create a mini ponytail with elastic bands under the crown area. The hair is then placed over the top to hide. When the comb slides through the hair, the mini ponytail acts as a support to keep the veil in place.

  • Mini Braid Underneath - Like the mini ponytail, a small cornrow braid is created underneath the hair for the comb to anchor itself into without changing the freeing hairstyle.

What if I want to add just before the ceremony after the hairstylist has left?

On the wedding day, the hairstylist will generally stay and place the veil into the correct place for you to ensure its cohesive with the hairstyle and doesn't move.

If adding the veil before the ceremony, ask your hairstylist to educate a bridal party member on applying.

What if I want to remove the veil before the wedding reception?

To ensure you don't dishevel the hairstyle when removing the veil, get your hairstylist to show how to remove to a bridesmaid. These techniques include gently placing your hand above the comb to protect the hair above, remove the additional pins off the comb and then gently wriggle the comb up out of the hairstyle.


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