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Creative ways to Transform Your Hairstyle with Bobby Pins

Traditionally bobby pins were used to provide support to creative up styles or to keep hair out of the face. Today’s trend of exposed bobby pins on hairstyle designs allows you to be creative with hair as the pins come in a variety of bold colour and textures, like matte or high sheen.

How can I use the bobby pin as a feature in my hair?

The simple design of the classical hair pin is one of the coolest ways to create an edgy feel to your hairstyle without having to dip into your savings.

Add interesting detailing to your hairstyle by criss-crossing them, stack side by side or create interesting shapes that are gram worthy.

Here are some hairstyle inspiration for you to view from around the globe using the exposed bobby pin trend.


Criss-Cross design and contrast in colour pins

Love the fine contrasting black bobby pins on textured blonde waves by Jasmin Hurskainen.

Pop of colour bobby pin stack

Celebrity hairstylist Jamal Edmonds created beautiful natural texture and added contrast with a pop of yellow stacked bobby pins.

Use bobby pins to enhance waves

Toni and Guy Educator Federico Patelli emphasised the soft wave in this long hairstyle by grouping bobby pins together in the formation of the bend.

Create fun shapes with bobby pins

A simple textured low bun hairstyle with arrow style hair pin placement for detailing.

Use a variety of coloured pin

Criss-cross the hair pins in an assortment of colours for vibrancy to dark hair colours.

Add pins to braids for edge

Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan added criss-crossed bobby pins to braided cornrows up style for extra drama and metallic detailing for an edgy look.

Create geometric shapes with hair pins

How divine are these pink and purple hair colour combinations created by hair colourist Mary Ott. The soft waves show off the colours beautifully with the simple triangle hair pin placement.

The hairstyle below was inspired by a snowflake, by crossing the hair pins over in a circle. Hairstylist Vittoria explains below on how she created the look.

1. The style above was created with a blowout that had relaxed movement. Let some hair fall around the face.

2. Pick up a section of hair that resembles a triangle, using your index finger and thumb. Your index should begin somewhere between your temple and upper recession line. Your thumb will begin somewhere between the front of the ear and hairline. Glide your fingers to a far point that should land just above the ear. This is the amount hair that you pull to the back of the head and pin in place.

3. Repeat on the other side.

4. Cross this section over the first section and pin.

5. Pinch and pull bits in the crown to create texture and volume.

6. Use 4 bobby pins to create your snowflake. First make a ➕, then make an ✖ over the top.

7. Choose the amount of hair that you pin back that makes you feel most comfortable.

Use my tips as a guideline. "If you want to place the accent off centre or tuck the hair behind your ear and place it on the side."

Create a focal point of your hairstyle

Create a focal point of the back of a topknot hairstyle by adding in crossed over bobby pins in multiple directions. This also works well to keep hair in place for those shorter lengths underneath that can sometimes fall out of an up style.

Create a graphic design in short hair

How amazing is this graphic shape on short hair using exposed bobby pins by Hairstylist Ursula Stephen on Black Panther star Letitia Wright.

Add as a statement jewellery detail

We love how beautiful these decorative pins add jewellery detailing and help keep the hijab in place. Flick through to see the other beautiful styling options.

Use bobby pins to create patterns

Create interesting part lines in hairstyles and group hair pins together in a patterned effect to keep hair in place. This style would be great fora gym workout!

Colour match your hair pins to your fashion

Match your hair pins to your outfit and jewellery to create a tonal effect from head to toe like Abigail has with a pop of red.

Create designs to hold Hal up half down hairstyles in place

Keep braided half up hairstyles in place by adding exposed criss-crossed bobby pins like creative stylist Kristina Dunn has below.

Create repetitive designs in bob length hair

Why not try this creative hair pin placement on a bob hairstyle like Hair and Make-Up Artist Nadina.

Create contrasting texture in hair designs

Absolutely in love with the contrasting texture Uzo Aduba created with this hairstyle by using the hair pins to create sleekness from the middle part line and allowing the beautiful volume to start at the ear level. The shape of this haircut frames her face beautifully.

Use pins to create movement and form

Redken Master Artist Sean Godard used the hair pins in this hairstyle to create movement tightly to the head and allowing the beautiful texture to be released at the neckline to create a unique shape.

A simple cross design with bobby pins in electric blue hair really pops.

Design shapes and silhouettes with hair pins

In love with this natural textured hairstyle by Federico Patelli . The contrasting black bobby pins work to keep the hair black of the face and create a beautiful silhouette.

To view more creative hairstyle inspiration using exposed bobby pins you can go to the Beau.Mane Pinterest board. Share your hairstyle designs you create by tagging @beau.mane for us to see your unique designs.


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