Hello Bride-To-Be,

I can’t wait you meet you and hear your love story and to be apart of the most memorable day of your life!

Below is an overview of my experiences so far with my career, to help guide you in your decision process for selecting my hair and makeup services for your wedding day and to gain an understanding of my values to see if if I will be a good fit for your wedding day.

Growing up as a child I had a strong passion for watching television make overs to see the impact of joy and confidence the beauty transformations gave the women. I would rush to get the latest magazines to view the glamour and fashion of the best dressed celebrities on the red carpet and knew early on that making women feel beautiful for special events was the experiences I aimed to surround myself in.

garden wedding Sydney hair and makeup artist
Again I can’t thank you enough for doing such an amazing job on our hair! You’ve got true talent to be able to single handedly create 4 beautiful hairstyles well within schedule! I have no doubt you will be making more brides feel as beautiful and happy about their hair as I did on my wedding day!

Career Highlights - working with Australia’s Leading Hair & Make-Up Artists

In 2003 I moved from the Far South Coast of New South Wales as a hairdresser to the big city of Sydney to expand my knowledge and skills as a makeup artist, enrolling into Australia’s Elite Makeup Academy Cameron Jane Make-Up Design to achieve the qualification, Diploma of Entrainment Make-Up. This experience allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in the industry as a freelance hair and make-up artist, to understand my true passions of creativity in elements of hair and makeup and creating memorable experiences with brides throughout the journey of their wedding planning and morning preparation of their wedding day.

I am extremely grateful for all the career highlights that I have ticked off my list, by having the opportunity to work along side some of Australia’s exceptionally talented creatives in the hair and makeup industry. My experience of working in fast paced environments and creating cohesive styles as part of a team was built from participating in multiple runway shows at Australian Fashion Week as a member of the GHD Hair teams under the direction of two iconic Australian hairstylists Sophie Roberts and Renya Xydis. I have developed the experience required to collaborate and create concepts that work for the brands signature client by working on advertising campaigns, fashion and beauty shoots. I have been fortunate enough to learn life changing skills and techniques by assisting Rae Morris, Daren Borthwick and Michael Brennan. Once again I thank all of the above mentioned hair and makeup artists for the experiences and skill sets I have gained to provide my clients with the tools to create their desired results.

wedding hair and makeup artist

Hair Styling & Makeup Education - Hairstyling Collaboration Photoshoots

In 2013 I took on the role of the Training Co-ordinator and Course Co-ordinator at Cameron Jane Make-Up Design guiding makeup students to achieve success in their career by providing educational and industry knowledge support and organising collaborations under the direction of Cameron-Jane Thomas with industry experts to to build their portfolios and gain viable on hands industry experience. During these collaborations I supported the academy and the students by providing my skills as the hair stylist for multiple photoshoots. The teams of students collaborated on professional photoshoots with the talented photographers Carlo Fernandes and Jarred Stedman for Laud Magazine. These collaborative experiences allowed me to express my creativity whilst providing guidance to nurturing the next generation of talented artists in Australia.


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“Thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding. You and Teneille were seriously the ultimate team and everyone was commenting on what a sensational job you both did.”

I enjoy travelling for work throughout the coastal region of New South Wales Australia for brides including Sydney, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Newcastle, Southern Highlands, South Coast, Far South Coast and Sapphire Coast. Being a freelance hair and makeup artist means that its purely a mobile based service which allows the bridal party to feel relaxed and calm knowing that the service is professionally tailored to your bridal party desires, which allows you to focus on what really matters for for the day, the experience.

Travelling is by far the highest value in my life. I try to travel every year overseas to try new cultures, relax on beautiful beaches whilst drinking exotic cocktails of course, all whilst creating new memorable life experiences. I always love to hear my brides honeymoon destinations during the consultation and to hear how excited they are. It’s lovely to see their faces light up talking about starting their life as a married woman in beautiful destination. Below is a map of some of the places I have travelled to for work clients, destination weddings and for creating my own unique life experiences.

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